How CBD with THC Killed Cancer Cells Explained –

How CBD with THC Killed Cancer Cells Explained –

Dennis, “I’m really interested in your questions and what you are interested.”

“So it’s an ancient system in our body which we see in all vertebrates that are alive on the planet today. They have an Endocannabinoid system which is the ligands and receptors. So we’re not that different from any other living organism on the planet in that we have a way that’s built into our body in our system to heal us naturally. These are the Endocannabinoid.”

“Now, there’re other things going on in the cannabis plant besides Endocannabinoid and Quinn. We use whole plant for healing. Some call this the entourage effect meaning all of the substances in the cannabis plant are healing to the body. This, I call mimetic medicine. All of these mechanisms are what all of the compounds are interacting in our bodies. From my research, we’re only really familiar with two receptors in the Endocannabinoid system. We know about two Endocannabinoid that are very powerful but there are another sixty Endocannabinoid that we don’t know about that we haven’t researched. But we know that it’s there. We’re just slowly getting a handle on these by our investigation of THC and cannabidiol. Yes, we’re not even close just scratching the surface.”

“ Go back to the two cannabinoid receptors that are the most powerful. It’s cb1 and cb2 are their names.

“THC the most notorious compound inside of marijuana is biomimetic to Anandamide (Anandamide is a neurotransmitter produced in the Brain that binds to the THC receptors.) Explain the significance.Cannabinoid system we have cannabinoids 280 and anandamide. They’re very effective healers in the body. When the body gets stressed physically or emotionally then the immune system has so much demand on it that it cannot provide enough of the Endocannabinoid because it’s under so much stress.
This is why we have some of these terrible diseases that we have.

These are stress diseases, because the immune system simply cannot keep up with the stress. So when we find that EXO cannabinoids are useful in some of these medical situations, then it’s simply because it fills in our natural Endocannabinoid system where it’s missing or where it is not concentrated enough because of the stress. The body requires outside intervention. This is why the EXO cannabinoids and cannabis are so potent a healer! It’s because they do exactly the same thing. This is what I call antiemetic medicine. Because, these cannabinoids natural to our body can be supplemented NOW!

The difference between, 280 and cannabidiol is structural functionally.They’re the same but structurally yet different. The Endocannabinoid that we know about are like neurotransmitters. They’re called signaling Metabolites. These signaling metabolites exchange information around the body that is important to the immune system, the Endocannabinoid system. This is how the immune system knows what’s going on in the body through these cannabinoids that are like neurotransmitters. It’s based on a communication system.

The Endocannabinoid system is a communication system so when we have the Endocannabinoid or the EXO cannabinoids then the immune system is able to manage that simply because it knows about the dead dying cells. It knows about the cancer cells that notice where the need is. So, this is why I’m so successful. – bind to these receptors both have identical mechanisms in healing whether they’re obtained from the plant or from a singular compound.”

“Just wondering what the mechanism. You indicate it’s an increase in the synthesis of ceramide and essentially what that does is target abnormal cells and kills the cells. Can you expand a little on the mechanism?”

Okay, well we’ll take THC for example because THC is the ligand for the cb1 receptor. Now when the& THC or the addendum IDE hits the receptor then it stimulates the ceramide production inside the cell. Now this happens with both Endocannabinoid and EXO cannabinoids. The action is exactly the same. Now, this ceramide depends on how much of the ceramide is in the cell. Now, if the cell is abnormal and the anti-immune system knows that it’s abnormal, the DNA of the cancer cell needs to die.


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