Stress and Anxiety Relief (Top 3 Tactics) l how to relieve stress quickly l how to relieve Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety Relief (Top 3 Tactics) l how to relieve stress quickly l how to relieve Anxiety. Find more at: ⏩ Please SUBSCRIBE To Us: ⏩

This video is presented by Madrigal Creatives. This video is for Stress and Anxiety Relief (Top 3 Tactics) l how to relieve stress quickly l how to relieve Anxiety. To watch this video you can know about how to relieve stress quickly, how to relieve Anxiety quickly.

(Top 3 ways to restore inner calm) Stress Relief Tactics

Are you experiencing greater stress due to recent public health issues? Fear and anxiety about a public crisis can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions that lead to stress and anxiety. We have consulted with doctors and mental health practitioners to provide three ways to restore inner peace and calm in stressful situations.

1)Replace eliminating immune-harming emotions of fear and worry and replacing them with immune-supporting ones like faith, hope, love, joy and gratefulness.Fear signals danger to our bodies, setting up a fight, flight or freeze response that sends a wave of immune-damaging stress hormones into the body.The University of Minnesota breaks down how fear prompts our bodies to release hormones that…
1.Slow (or shut) down non-essential functions we don’t need for immediate survival, such as digestion
2.Sharpen things we may need in an emergency, like eyesight, increased heart rate and blood flow to run fast
3.Provide higher hormone flow to amygdala part of the brain to focus on danger

But most of us aren’t in combat, so this response, when chronic, begins damaging the immune system.

To prevent this take the following actions:

Get the facts, find out the true facts related to any stress causing event by credible sources with a madate toprovideaccurate information.

Be prepared.
Usemeditationfor focus and gratefulness and wellbeing.
Retrain your body fordiaphragmatic breathing. Chronic fear prompts shallow chest breathing, which further recruits our fight-flight-or-freeze stress hormones and can cause pain and strain in the neck and/or muscles.
Practice relaxing self-care strategies like a warm bath with a CBD infused bathbalm to promote feelings of relaxation like OOOH Bath bomb from Madrigal creatives.

2. Get Outside
Just walking in the forest can drastically improve the health of your immune system. The Japanese call it shinrin yoku,or forest bathing, significantly boosts activity of white blood cells called natural killer cells (NK). This is huge because NK cells help to fight viruscells.These positive effects of forest bathing are attributed to phytoncides, which are basically antimicrobial wood oils from trees such as alpha-Pinene and limonene, which are terpenes and also found in our proprietary blend of Calming Terpenes and water soluble CBD in our Calm Ingestible CBD spray for people

#3. Develop a Self Care Routine that includes herbs and ancient ingredients trusted for centuriesA focus on self-care can take the focus off stressful events and put it on you and the implementation of additional tools for relaxation. Combine self-care strategies with these power packed ingredients:

Elderberry:Historically, people turned to the benefits of the elderberry plant to naturally support their immune systems and more. The extract may even help relieve more, according to ancient traditions.Elderberry can be taken

All natural full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD products for people and pets: bath bombs, topical sprays, scrubs, ingestibles, skincare and more to promote soothing recovery, healing and an overall sense of wellbeing.


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